Global Content Creation Manager - Captain Morgan

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Full Time
Central London
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Captain Morgan is one of the fastest growing premium core spirits in Diageo, externally it is the 6th largest premium spirit in the world. It is one of Diageo's 5 Global Priority Brands. Like the Captain's boat this business is big, fast and fun.

The Captain of global content creation will need to manage and influence his/her crew (across different decks) to navigate all types of sea conditions. Different battles need to be won across different regions and countries while influencing other ships with their own captains starting in many different ports to navigate towards the same direction. A master of collaboration and the art of influence as well as exceptional functional content creation skills this Captain works in service of market needs and keeps it simple with big ideas brilliantly executed across many geographies.

The Captain of content is a master of creativity and flair. You will be working for an extremely demanding, ambitious and entertaining boss - The Captain himself, Captain Morgan. Born in the seventeenth century and still going strong, in fact getting stronger each year.

Captain content leads the charge to make Captain Morgan an iconic global rock star of fun. Famous beyond ports, in the cities, towns and villages of the world when the Captain arrives we celebrate a life of fun. We do this rooted in local culture- Captain Morgan speaks many languages plays local games, enjoys local food (mostly). He does this always in a red coat, with a 3 pointed hat and ready with the signature Captain's pose.

Captain Content is capable of telling the most amazing stories.

Captain Content is never satisfied. Is always pushing his/her crew to find the next wonder in the world.

A leader that helps our beloved Captain Morgan ship to stand out above the rival ships.

This Captain needs to set the highest sails in the Diageo kingdom making our ship the most desirable ship to board in the entire kingdom to lead global content creation with both a lens on next fiscal and where we need to be 3 years out.

The expectation is we deliver remarkable, award winning, effective content the markets cannot wait to run and most importantly raises a smile with our consumer - it is the Captain's way.

Can you lead the development of our ecosystem across digital and no digital channels with a consumer lens. Make sure it is fit for purpose for now and future proof for 3 years out i.e. clear by channel how we prioritise and where we test and learn?

An exceptional manager of agencies that inspires their A game. Experienced in driving agency effectiveness and at the same time driving greater efficiencies from them - success is delivering more with less in service of lower non-working and higher working spend.

To be our Captain of global content creation you need to have:
-              Established experience leading marketing ships (preferably in different seas)
-              Good level of experience leading navigation routes (our content assets)
-              Evidence of understanding how to apply 360 approach to complex navigation routes
-              A Captain with flair and highly creative
-              A true born writer that writes the simplest maps. The easiest and most effective maps are written by this Captain,
-              Master of new technologies as ink, fire and lightweight sails.

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